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We know the importance of face to face meetings but we want to share insights into our members, their skills, projects that they are working on at home and why quilting is important to them. You can find out more about them in this gallery and more detail is available on our members focus page.



Fiona Payne

Areas of interest: Modern and textile contemporary art

Memberships: The Quilters' Guild and the CMQG

I became fascinated with quilting and quilt history in the last three years. I have an artist background and bring my knowledge of colour, pattern and shape and endeavour to be mindful of this when choosing my blocks, patterns or quilting methods for any particular project. I make to sell at Cambridge Open Studios, or gifting to friends, family or charity schemes. Always willing to learn from fellow quilters and share knowledge. You can read more on Fiona's story here.


Moira Neal

Areas of interest: Artistic quilts

Memberships: The Quilters' Guild

I hand dye old cotton sheets and use them, and other found objects such as golden tomato puree tube metal to free machine applique at a great speed with lashings of black thread to create quirky, original designs. One line of wonky stitching looks like you cant do it...two wonky lines are lively! Finished is better than perfect. Just enjoy the ride and have fun making and creating quilts to please yourself.


Marion Curtis

Areas of interest: Modern quilting, contemporary, art quilts, free motion and straight line quilting, design and teaching.

Memberships: Cambridge Open Studios and the CMQG

From knitwear designer, weaver and lace maker bobbin, I got hooked onto patchwork and quilting. I soon tired of using printed fabrics and moved towards what is known as Modern Quilting to explore colour and texture. Hard to define but Modern Quilters tend to experiment, often taking a traditional block or pattern and experiment to make something fresh. I will improvise from a starting point until I achieve my vision. I have a current fascination with curved piecing while I play around with postitive and negative space. You can read more on Marion's story here.


Jill Essex

Areas of interest: Traditional, modern and free motion quilting

I took up quilting three years ago and am enjoying experimenting with new techniques. There is so much still to learn. You can read more on Jill's story here.


Doris Chatfield

Areas of interest: Traditional

I have been sewing and knitting for as long as I can remember, but started to take things a little more seriously when I joined a dressmaking class many years ago.  I became interested in quilting when I saw the amazing quilts my friend was making and she encouraged me to come along to the Wednesday CQ group.  This was back in 2016 when the challenge set was to join a group of around 6 people to make a quilt together by passing on a bag of fabric of your own choice in the hope of having at least 6 squares that could then be turned into a quilt.  I learned so much from that challenge and met some wonderful and talented quilters.  I ended up with a beautiful Christmas quilt for my son, which is much adored.  Since then I have progressed a little, but still tend to stick to simple techniques and patterns.  I feel there is much I need to learn which is why I enjoy coming to the CQ meetings and workshops to be inspired and encouraged to try new things.




Maggie Feltham

Areas of interest: Contemporary, modern, FME and artisitc

I started quilting as a therapy as my late husband was very ill and I needed something to take my mind off worrying. I’d always loved sewing.


Keen to meet anyone who would like to go on a quilting holiday so there is someone for company.



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