Summer Supper - something to use in the garden

This year our summer supper challenge is to make something to use in the garden - anything from a sun hat to a deckchair.  Ideas have included a kneeler, tool belt with pockets, table mats ,barbecue gloves, and of course a quilt to sit on or wrap yourself up in as the evnings get chilly.


Annual Challenge - re-use, recycle and use up!

This year we would like you to make something 'scrappy' and useful using your scraps or maybe some items you made but never fell in love with which could be re-purposed. The items will be for a show and tell in January 2021.


The plan is not to buy anything new unless absolutely essential such as buckle for a bag or buttons for a waistcoat.  Ideally we would like you to shout out and ask if another member can provide the iitem or do a swap!.


We plan to have a scrap exchamge and to share ideas for making the most of your scraps from a stray jelly roll strip to those little crumbs that are so easily discarded.


More information to come with ideas for working in groups etc.


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