Summer Lunch: A Piece of Lace

The challenge for the summer lunch this year is to use a piece of lace to make anything you would like.  It can be a wall hanging incorporating the lace or a lap quilt or in fact anything you choose.  There are no rules just use some lace in your make.

Continuous Landscape

The challenge for presentation early 2020 is to make a landscape mini quilt or wall hanging A3 in size.  The aim is to one, two or more pieces that will hang together  You can do this on your own or in a group.  


You can choose a view and divide it up into sections taking a slice each or you can just use the given parameters and each choose say you favourite spot, the view from your window or a glimpse of a perfect imaginary view.  


Ideally we will be able to hange these together at the next exhibition making a frieze all around the walls.  The Gail Lawther worksop entries made a great gallery last time so it would eb great to achieve another great dispaly all from our own creativity.




No binding - use a knife edge or bag it out so that the hangings can merge together when hung.

Contact points are from the bottom edge up - 4 inches and 11 inches. See the images below.


You may use any fabric, technique and design of you own choosing.


You can work alone or in groups.  A group is a great way to get to know other members.  If you would like to join a group but don't know who to approach contact Elizabeth Ingle or any other member of the committee.

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